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Ganoderma extract is a substance which is obtained from ganoderma mushrooms. Ganoderma is also known as reishi or “Spirit Medicine”.

Ganoderma is also known as Ganoderma Lucidum, Reishi, Lingzhi or Red Mushroom and referred to as "Spirit Medicine" by the Chinese. For over 4000 years the Chinese have been using this medicinal healing agent. Mushrooms in general are considered to be a healing medicine for many illnesses and diseases all over the world but only the ganoderma lucidum mushroom is referred to as the "King Of Mushrooms".

Ganoderma Extract comes from the ganoderma mushrooms and has gained in popularity here recently (past 10 years) due to its high medicinal value. It was already popular among drug manufactures as it is used to produce many popular drugs. The Extract is used in treatment of some of these illnesses like; Diabetes Cancer, Allergies, Stress, HIV/AIDS, coronary diseases and lung disorders just to name a few.

Benefits of Ganoderma Extract

1. Ganoderma extract is the perfect solution for those people having concern about aging. This wonder healer treats fine lines, blemishes and age spots etc by bestowing nutrients supposed to restore younger skin.

2. Regular usage of ganoderma extract may also improve a person’s mental health. In fact some people take ganoderma extract on a regular basis to help avoid future health problems.

3. Used on patients undergoing cancer treatment. Patients treated through chemotherapy sometimes have side effects like their hair falling out, fatigue and appetite loss. Usage of Ganoderma extracts during the cancer treatment process can help prevent these side effects.

4. Ganoderma extract is also considered vital for preventing heart related problems and other coronary illness.

5. Lastly it gives strength to the immune system of our body, thus helping the body fight off viruses and other infections.

Farmers Growing Ganoderma Mushrooms

Ganoderma Lucidum ExtractMore and more farmers are turning to growing mushrooms as it is becoming a very popular cash crop. The ganoderma mushrooms fetch a higher premium then regular crops like wheat and corn and many grocery stores will sell mushrooms grown by local farmers. Grocery stores like Whole Foods carry a wide variety of organic mushrooms both fresh and freshly dried. A new health craze has taken place around the world with the ganoderma extract being the most popular product that many healthy companies carry and produce.